*****Hello World***** aka: Feminist SAHM and Homeschooler Tackles Frugality, Interior Design, Motherhood, and Blogging

Here’s the deal…I’ve debated on a blog for a while and could never pin down my voice. There’s just too many ideas floating around my brain. I finally decided to just bite the bullet and see what happens when I vomit my thoughts out to the WorldWideWeb. Here’s a bit of who I am which should clue you in as to the type of content you will likely find on this blog:

*First and foremost I am a Woman. Along with being a woman I am a Feminist, a stay-at-home mama, (YES! I’m STILL a feminist), a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I have 4 children, including a teenaged stepdaughter, whom I co-homeschool, 2 early elementary aged boys, and quite possibly the sweetest freaking lady-toddler that ever walked the earth.

*I am burgeoning interior design enthusiast. I claim no skill set, other than a mad love of interior design blogs, and some bad ass Pinning skills. My husband and I recently bought a dated but perfect for us home in suburbia and are trying to remove the beige (ACK, the BEEEEIGE!) and put our stamp on our new home.

*I am CHEAP frugal and that’s probably one of my most known traits. I’m the gal my friends come to for cheap frugal tips and tricks. It stemmed from necessity and continues because I love to see how far I can make a dollar stretch without making it look like I’m a cheap-ass.

*We live outside of Harrisburg, PA, (which, for all you non-Pennsylvanians, is pronounced “Pee-Ay”) and like to go adventuring–when we’re not completely burnt out from having 4 kids, a dog, and a cat, and all the “fun” that comes part and parcel with such a huge crew.

*I let my toddler watch 2 hours of on-demand videos while I tried to figure this blogging thang out for the first time. I’m justifying it because a) I’m working, (duh) and b) she’s eating an apple–which somehow offsets any damage done by watching 2 hours of nonsense…kind of like how you eat some carrots to neutralize the pumpkin pie ice cream you just housed. What??? No-one else does that?…Yeah. Me, neither.

So there it is in a nutshell. I’m obviously much more than this, (you should see my ‘Running Man’–pure.freaking.beauty.) but I’m pretty sure that’s the gist of what I plan to contribute here. And while you will likely not get any Running Man demonstrations, I will leave you with this bit of awesomeness…because I’m  a giver and a charitable blogger: